"Sol" The Sun of Earth

The "Sun" is the life giving and controlling body of our solar system. Our "Sun" is a "Star", with average dimensions among stars classified as average, in temperature, size and brightness.

A series of thermo-nuclear fusion reactions involving it's elements produce the heat and light that make life possible here on "Earth".

The "Sun" has a calculated diameter of 864,000 miles and has an average distance from Earth of 92,900,000 miles. It is 1.41 times as dense as water. The light and heat energy from the "Sun" reaches the Earth in 499.012 seconds or 8.3 minutes.

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 Sunspots are dark, irregular shaped regions whose diameters may reach tens of thousands of miles. The average life of a Sunspot is from two to three weeks, but there have been groups of Spots that lasted for more than a year. The record for the duration of a Sunspot was 18 months. 


 During a total eclipse the chromo sphere appears as a pink ring. Above the chromo sphere is a dim, extended halo called the Corona, which has a temperature of 1,000,000 K [1,799,540 deg F] and reaches far past the planets.

Beyond a distance of 5R from the Sun, the
Corona flows outward at a speed (near the Earth) of 400 kilometers per second (km/s) or [248.5 miles/sec.]; this flow of charged particles is called the solar wind.

The presence of a solar wind blowing through interplanetary space was first deduced from observations made during the 1950s of the ion tails of comets.
With the advent of Earth-orbiting satellites, the particles and fields carried by the solar wind could be measured directly.
When the wind blows past the Earth, it contains on average about five particles per cubic centimeter (mostly protons, the nuclei of hydrogen atoms)
moving at about 500 km/sec (kilometers per second), but these numbers fluctuate greatly depending on the phase of the solar magnetic cycle and the presence or absence of recent flare activity.


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